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Welcome to Positive Lives. This site features blogs from people living with HIV. Some are infected with the virus but all are affected.  Rick is the site designer, site admin and blogger. If you would like to become a blogger/contributor please contact us using the details provided on the contact page. Any medical information provided is referenced with the source. The information given does not replace individual assessment and treatment by a suitably qualified health care professional.

The purpose of this site is provide inspirational stories from people infected with or affected by HIV. It also has general information about HIV from validated resources. The intended audience for this site is the general public.

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If you are South Australian an need support or information about HIV please contact Positive Life SA.

Positive Life SA

At this point in time the bloggers are from South Australia. We would love to hear from people who are from other locations and want to become bloggers on this site.

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“We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Islander peoples of Australia as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of this country, and their intrinsic connection to Land, Waterways, Islands and Communities. In this Journey we strive for Cultural Knowledge to be shared with all Australians to provide the platform for equality of Rights for all Humankind. We do this by sharing knowledge, listening, empowering people, creating confidence, self-esteem and the genuine possibilities for a brighter future for our children, our grand-children and all future generations that walk in our fore father’s footsteps.”“We subscribe to Zero Tolerance to Lateral Violence”

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2012 South Australian Candlelight Memorial

The 2012 Memorial was held on the 1st of September 2012 at Glandore South Australia. We commenced the setting up at 12pm for a 6pm start. The event featured: Aboriginal

Living on a pension in 2012

I have been living on a Disability Pension since 1986, I have to say it's been both challenging and rewarding and I hope to be able to share my experience

An exciting first post

  Hi my name is Steve I am happy to join the gang in blogging as this is my first time sharing in this way so here it goes. When

What is the purpose of Blogging?

I decided to write this post after I approached a man living with HIV to become a blogger. His first comment was that he was a luddite when it comes

Our Destiny

    I would like to introduce myself to you the readers. My name is Marina, I'm  a 36 year old female who was faced with the reality of HIV/AIDS

Why do people discriminate again those who have HIV

I am going to spend a while writing about discrimination. The definition of "discrimination" by www.dictionary.com is:noun 1.an act or instance of discriminating.2.treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction

What an interesting time this last part of 2013

I’m going to keep this post brief as it is 4.30am in the morning. Insomnia has been hitting me hard again. Recently I spend a week In NSW. The first

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