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bulling and being upset :(

I have been bulled ever since I started school and this year would be one of the hardest years because im one of the kids  that no one will talk to I have no friends and its very hard for me because of it im very sad and depressed because of it  my life is harder, I dont talk to anyone at school because they wont listen to me and so because of that im always quiet sad
The people I thought were friends have turned on me and are mean to me now. At school i just sit and do nothing because i have no friends and if i try to talk to people they will just walk away from me crying.
I just don't want to have no friends, I just want to be happy sure ill have my ups and downs but i dont want to being bullied badly and then just thinking of the worst thing possible…
I don't want to see my sister being bullied and seeing them go through what I have been through, sure they will come across people that will be mean to them but i just don't want them to be sad every day like me, I don't want them to be depressed like me, but I just can't stop people bulling them so when they do come across some of those people I just want to remind them that all their family loves them and I will always be there for them, like my Mum and Dad being there for me. I wouldn't be feeling happy when im at home if it wasn't for them, I love them with all my heart heart



Live life to the full

You have to allways live life to the full, you may have heard of live life to the full well I use this moto every single day because you don't know what will happen in maybe an hour or two maybe even longer. So don't just sit watching tv or just doing nothing go out and have fun. I go for walks and go riding on my bike. 

I remember that my grandmother would tell me let's go for a walk and I would say "I don't want to go for a walk I just want to watch tv" she would reply "come on you can't just wast your life doing nothing" then she said you have to live your life to the full, from then on I would go walking and I would ride my bike down to the park 

now I modovated my dad but he always want, but when I can which that is always >_< we go to vist places which I haven't seen before. Which my dad would take me anyway my sister and I would say then we would vote sometimes I don't get to go where I want to but maybe next week.

I remember one weekend my sister want to go to Victor Habour and i want to go to Harndoft but we ended up going to both. We all had fun that day my Dad took my sister and I to the whale museum which we never went to before and it was so fun we didn't want to leave!!!!!! 



Winter and my Birthday

I love WInter because my birthday is in winter and it's cold but what I don't like about winter is that we can't go to the beachsad . 

I wish my birthday could be in summer but you have to think that we have are own special day so have fun!!!

It doesn't matter if your birthday is in summer, winter, autum or spring just have fun if its cold, hot or warm You should just have fun with the people you love. 

It doesn't matter what you get for your birthday what matters is that  you share with your family heart






Weekends with my family

On the weekend my Dad, Sister and I spened as much time together as we can. I love spending time with my family because we have so much fun together. The things i love best are going to the movies, going to the beach and just spending time with them. smiley

If it is a public holiday my Dad would do as much a we want but nothing can ever be better then spending time with my family. I love my family and I would never want that to change. All kids say there dad or mum are awesome but I mean it when I say that my dad is awesome and my mum is awesome. 

Trip to Sydney

The trip to Sydney was about my maternal grandmother whom is terminally ill. My grandmother is one of  my idols, she is a strong woman who sticks up for herself and nothing can get in her way when she has her mind set on something. She taught me how to cook spanish food, although I will never be as good a cook as her. She also taught me how to sing in Spanish. Unfortunately last year she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4 mum said (which means it's really bad, the worst someone can be)

We drove to Sydney on the Friday night Dad, did most of the driving . When we arrived in Campbelltown, we all went to the hospital first and my  Mama (what I call my grandmother) wasn't feeling well that day, so we the kids were not able to see her.  She had had an operation earlier that day, to see where there was a blockage in her tummy.

Two days later  we got to see her and she looked ok. Yes, she was very weak ,frail and skinny.  We could only go in 2 at a time to see Mama because my cousins were with us, they came down from Queensland ( there's four of them and two of us grandchildren).So first up was the eldest girls my cousin and I went in, when we came out we both cried. I was so emotional that when I got to the car I was still cryng but I knew I should be the brave one and stop because we were all emotional. Seeing her with a tube that went in her nose and drips wasn't pretty.We saw her every day  and time by time she got worse and worse. We all knew that she may die so we didnt put are hopes up. crying She had another operation a little over a week after the first, by then my dad had  come back to Adeliade, he was our support over the phone each day. Actually if we don't see daddy throughout the day we always speak to him on the phone whether or not we are back home or away.

Mama came for home visits for a couple of hours during the Easter weekend. By now I could see some improvement in Mama. When we left to drive back to Adelaide we were all thinking of her and that we hoped she gets better, the next day she came out of hospital and since then she's been getting better and better slowly of course. We all hope she lives for many more years. 

Dinner at Mum’s house


Dinner at mums is like travelling to Peru. The  food  my mum cooks is cevice de pollo it is very nice it is made with chicken, onion and chilli. Tonight we had sheperds pie (it is the best). The food my mum makes are sheperds pie, stir fry and roast beef.



Dinner at dad’s house

Dinner at dad’s house is like traveling the world. We have Thai food (homemade Pad Thai), homemade lasagne (it is the best in the world),  curry chicken, meatballs, leek and potato soup, stake and kidney pie and rabbit stew. If you came over for dinner you would never wont to leave. My dad is a great cook. :)  

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Christmas and New years

On Christmas you should have fun with family and friends. Christmas at my house is all the family is there and we cook food together and play games. We have lots of fun together. New years for us is watching the fire work and staying up later. the most inportant thing is to be around family, friend and having fun. Maybe go out on New years or stay with your family  or friends maybe playing game helping eachother cook or watching tv together as long as you have fun and the people you care about have fun. I am so greatful that my father lived for another christmas and New  years. smiley

After Camp Good Time

Camp Good Time is very fun for kids and adults have fun to. Kids do rockclimming and have lots of fun. Adults do parolsaling and much more things. The kids and the adults see eachother at brefest lunch and dinner. they can sit together or the kids can sit with there group and the adults sit with there friends. If you ask me if you should go i would say that you should go because you have lot of fun and meet new people.

Camp Good Time

We have been looking forowed to going to camp good time. We know that we will have fun be with other kids and meet new people. We met one of the familys that will be going to camp good time. My father Rick knows one of the familys  that are going. We are so exited to be going to camp good time.smiley

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