Spirit Festival in Adelaide

Yesterday I took both of my daughters to an Australian Indigenous festival. The name of the festival is the "Spirit Festival".

I purchased myself a "Too Deadly" t-shirt and baseball cap. It’s going to be some of my favourite things to wear. I love the words and the colours. As you can see the colours are black, read and yellow. Those colours are the accepted colours representing Australian Indigenous people’s.

Too Deadly T-shirt and cap

Throughout the day there were various Aboriginal musical acts.

Also at the event were:

  • Dot painting artists
  • Elders giving basket weaving lessons
  • Aboriginal clothing and jewelry for sale
  • Food and drinks

For my daughters it was great to see them being immersed into their culture with basket weaving and traditional dance and music.

The following video is titled "Boomerang Dance". It is brilliant!!!

The following pic is of a girl doing basket weaving.

Basket weaving

I was a very happy man when my youngest daughter said she was proud to be Aboriginal. There are similar issues that Indigenous people and HIV+ face. These issues are discrimination, stigma and bias.

I am a big believer in the basics of human rights. I don’t care what a persons background is but people need to valued and not stereotyped.

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I am a 41 year old Aboriginal (Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay) man who has been living with HIV since I was infected at the age of 16 years old in 1988. I am originally from New South Wales and moved to Adelaide about 5 years ago. I am a university graduate and am going back to full-time study this year. I worked professionally as a nurse with my field expertise was in emergency, drug and alcohol, remote area and ICU. I have now transitioned into training and development. I am passionate about: education, quality healthcare, self determination, reducing stigma and discrimination and Indigenous rights. I am a biological father of 2 daughters who DO NOT have HIV. I was married to a HIV negative woman for 13 years and divorced in early 2011.


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